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MiniMeedia is close to perfect Big Grin, but everybody got some personal preferences.
Here are mine.

17-2-2013 : (Mod) MiniMeedia 4.0.0 (test Version)

* Wall view. (cover/banner/logo/album/thumb/smallthumb)
* custom banners in some views.
* completed PVR.
* TV Tunes support + download button options menu.

* Info fields overlapping info.

Download Mod MiniMeedia 4.0.0

21-1-2013 : (Mod) MiniMeedia 1.2.3

* List item backgrounds button for pictures in optionsmenu.
* Artwork downloader integration bulk in option menu. Solo and dialog to video info screen.
* Extra info field for artwork/buttons/slideshow for extra fanart and thumbs in video info screen.(Must have Artwork addon installed!)
* Extra info field for artwork/buttons/slideshow for extra fanartin music album info screen.(Must have CdArtmanager addon installed!)
* music labels
* /Enabled banner and clearlogo views for Movies. Using (new) native images.
* Added general Logo for movies and music(songs). TVshow was already there but also here new native image.
* DialogExtendedProgressBar.xml
* DialogMediaFilter.xml
* PVR.... but, I have no frontend so could not view and integrade DialogPVRChannelsOSD.xml, DialogPVRGuideOSD.xml and playercontrols properly (working on it).
* Set custom backgrounds Radio
* TV Background and set custom tv backgrounds.
* New thumbs for PVR.
* etc

* Overlapping windows.
* 3D List douuble thumbs.

* Picture info text color.

Download Mod MiniMeedia 1.2.3

6-1-2013: Mod MiniMeedia 1.2.2

Added: / changes: / fixes:
* To much to tell go see for yourself, enjoy !
* BTW you need a Frodo build, and a library that's up to date(banner).

Download Mod MiniMeedia 1.2.2

26-3-2010: MiniMeedia Waffa! 2.0

* Hide views for scripts. See skinsettings programs/scripts.
* hide views for music files and playlist. See skinsettings music.
* Custom Background Previews in skinsetting backgrounds.
* Radio button with submenu in home screen. See skinsetting home to hide.
* 6 custom Radio station buttons and Shoutcast for radio submenu. See skinsetting Radio to set station, button label and thumb.
* 3 custom Playlist buttons for Movie submenu. See skinsetting Movies to set playlist, button label and thumb.
* 3 custom Playlist buttons for Tv Show submenu. See skinsetting Tv Show to set playlist, button label and thumb.
* 3 custom Playlist buttons for Music submenu. See skinsetting Music to set playlist, button label and thumb.
* Youtrailer Script button in Video info screen. See skinsettings video to set sript path and thumb.
* Bierdopje script button in video info and OSD (TV show). See skinsettings Tv Show to set sript path and thumb.
* internet button in Programs submenu, enable in skinsettings programs iexplore (win) Firefox(Win/linux) or Opera(Win)
* Extra Labels in skinsettings to have more overview....

* List view has now 10 items visible (was 9,5)
* The way to set and enable script buttons in skinsettings.

* sort by in video file mode.
* sort by Rating Music mode.
* Window open/close animation, 3D Cover view
* Thumbs wil now hide when video info is active, 3D Cover, slide and wheel View.

Download MiniMeedia Waffa! 2.0

18-12-2009: MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.9

* Views back in Viewscommen.xml and ViewsExtra.xml uses less memory for the xbox.
* Changed some Textcolor in Dialog video info.

Download MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.9

13-12-2009: MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.8

* Default thumbs from PM3 HD and some from Transparency in total 63 thumbs. Credits for the thumbs goes to Jezz x and ronie !!
* Menu icons in home , settings, info and skinoptions screen. See skin settings/(home) to hide menu icons.

(these icons/thumbs make it possible to use more viewtypes while browsing menu and the home icon's are very kid friendly!!! My kids love them, me 2 btw)

* Did create for each viewtype an .xml file. Uses less memory(windows), good for the xbox !! edit: :mad: Not good for xbox!! Fixed in 1.9
* Disabled thumb shadow. It didn't look nice with the new added icons.
* Reorganized skin settings, all set backgrounds are from now on in the backgroundfolder.


7-12-2009: MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.7

* Hide views in Videofiles / MusicLibrary / pictures / programs !!: See skin settings/(All) to hide views.

Make your skin fast and gain memory....hide the views you don't use !!!!!
This really works for all platforms.


6-12-2009: MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.6

* Hide views in movies + Tv Shows!!: See skin settings/Movies to hide views.

Hiding views will make the skin quicker but more important your free memory goes up !!! your xbox will (probably) love it !!
Note: I didn't/couldn't test it for the xbox myself yet.
So please let me know if it works for you !!


1-12-2009: MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.5

* Weather: overlay less dark, textcolor/font

* Animated Weather icon Home screen.
* System info (Thanks to Vajonam !)
* Default thumb/studio/audio flags didn't look right, did compress textures.xpr now with max. Quality and all fine now !


21-11-2009: MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.4

* Startup Screen (MiniMeedia) : See skin settings/General to hide.
* Startup Playlist: See skin settings/General
* Animated Thumbnail to Minimal Video OSD. See skin settings/Video to hide.
* Animated Thumbnail to Video OSD. See skin settings/Video to hide.
* Video OSD / Info screen: Genre (movies)

* Video OSD / info / codec info (dialogs) : Gradient backgrounds.
* Video OSD / info (dialog) : New layout and tekstcolor.
* Video OSD : Playercontrols moved to the left and plot stays visible.(No longer annoying plot pop up while open/closeWindow)
* Video OSD : FF/RW and pause indicators lowered down.

* Sort By Name in Movies. (Thanks to Vajonam !)


15-11-2009: MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.3

* Rating to Music now playing display. Was only in Visualisation.
* Home: Music Visualisation on home screen. Has skin setting to hide.
* Home: Feels like temp. see skin settings. (Thanks to Vajonam !)
* Latest script: If a Movie or Episode doesn't have fanart the thumb will be used. (Thanks to Vajonam!)
* Weather: TWC weather script Button. Visible when set path in skinsettings/weather !
* Video OSD: OpenSubtiles-OSD Script Button. Visible when set path in skinsettings/Videos !
* Open/exit sound to favourites dialog.

* Dialog video info - scrolling cast.

Extra Strings:
* <string id="31224">Use Feels Like instead of Temperature</string>
* <string id="31225">Set TWC Supplemental Script Path</string>
* <string id="31306">Set Opensubtitles-OSD Script Path</string>


8-11-2009: MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.2
* CdArt, only blank cd (Music now playing display).Has skin setting to hide.
* Pause FF/RW indicators (Music now playing display)
* Pictures: File size/resolution/date info to all views.
* Soundpack (big oneCool) that suits MiniMeedia IMO.
* some fixes That I created before.


5-11-2009: MiniMeedia Waffa! 1.1
* 3d Cover view replaced Strip view.
* 3d cover view: Wide TV Show thumb support, scrollbar, mirror thumb, usable for all content check it out!!
* Wheel view. Large listitem icon for album/episodes thumbs lower position.
* Music now playing 22 pix down. Reason: overlap Media Content

* Picture info Resolution/size/date to lowlistinfo (is used in a few views) and disabled year.
* Picture info Resolution/size/date to Wheelview


Additions: to MiniMeedia (SVN) 24-10-2009

* Animated Backgrounds (Ken Burns Effect) - see skin settings

* Left submenu (thx xbs08)
* Latest Music (thx xbs08)

* Animated Weather icons - see skin settings (location img. MiniMeedia/media/icon) same as Genre icons

* Use picturesbackgrounds (default), List item Background is still option - see skin settings

* Slide view
* Strip view
* Wheel view

* Mediaflags to Waterfall view
* Media content type to (all) views or replaced
* Mediacount to (all) views or replaced
* Year to ListViewItemDetails
* Tittle to Exhibit view

* Thumb for Movie - Year/Studio/Director (only Low/High list view)

Changes in views:
* No More overlays behind the thumbs.
* Showcase view onfocused thumbs "grey" was "dark gray"
* In Pictures (with picture backgrounds) List/Showcase/exhibit have thumbs.
* Highlist view in file mode N/A items not visible anymore.

* Video fullscreen FF/RW/pause etc... was showing to low.

Extra strings:
* <string id="31110">Slide</string>
* <string id="31111">Strip</string>
* <string id="31112">Wheel</string>

* <string id="31222">Animated</string>
* <string id="31223">List Item</string>

Slide view:

3D Cover view: New !!!!

Wheel view:
Nice work.

Ken Burns chew any extra mem? (xbox)
Yep, a little bit but it's no problem for the xbox. Try it out.Big Grin

Did rebuild my brothes xbox and and set thumbsize to 384 (Default 192)
Looks awesome and still running smooth on the xbox thankx to MiniMeedia !!
Thanks for sharing!!Nod
Looks great, always love MiniMeedia....
Strip view will probably make place for 3D Cover view.


Working on:
*Music Albums + all views with square thumbs will use info field off low list.
*Banner and episode (tv show) support.
*Scrollbar Horizontal
wow great view!
And this would be music and views with square thumbs.. In 3D Cover view.
My Music library is messed up on windows platform so default background Rofl

Nice work Waffa!

Now I can put my feet up and leave things with you right? Wink
Yep you can skunk Laugh

Did upload a new Mod. version with 3D Cover view.
See startpost.

I really like the 3D cover view and hope you will like 2 Big Grin

The code for this view is almost the size of all views together Rofl
And is usable for all thumb aspect ratios.

Wide TV thumbs support was a hell to create !!!!
This is the result. Laugh I like this one 2......
great work!
grupy Wrote:great work!

waffa! nice skin mate!

do you know much about background loading and how that is done? MediaStream_Redux seems to kick MiniMeedia's pants when it comes to FPS while srolling.. i would like to get MiniMeedia upto that level as well.. any ideas?
Waffa Wrote:Image

i can tell from the screenshot alone that must have been a nightmare to code ;-)

it's looking pretty damn good, great work waffa!
Dank u Big Grin

vajonam Wrote:waffa! nice skin mate!

do you know much about background loading and how that is done? MediaStream_Redux seems to kick MiniMeedia's pants when it comes to FPS while srolling.. i would like to get MiniMeedia upto that level as well.. any ideas?


MiniMeedia is imo as fast as Mediastream redux.

Try fanart view in redux and see the FPS while srolling...
This view you can compare with the MiniMeedia views.
All views shows fanart.

In Mediastream Redux the cover become even blanc while fast scrolling.
That won't happen in MiniMeedia.
just tried mediastream redux. get like 60FPS vs 5.6 for minimedia.

Did a view, with Fanart, Media Flags and Coverflow. Does minimedia use background loading?
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