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Full Version: Completely lost with remote
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Well, after 3 days of searching the forums, googling like mad and poking around my system - it's time to admit defeat and seek help with my remote set up........

I've got XBMC running on a minimal Ubuntu distribution and it works fine - I'm learning all the time, but I'm very pleased and I'm enjoying myself. However, I can't even get started with setting up my remote. I've got a Logitech Harmony 515 Univerisal remote and an HP Media Centre reciever that I bought from eBay. I've read all of the "How to's....." that I can find, even the ones that are specificially for setting up a Harmony remote.

I've plugged the reciever into a USB port and I've set my Harmony up as an MCE keyboard via the Logitech software. Nothing happens on XBMC when I push buttons....nothing at all (apart from the red led flashing on the reciever). I've fiddeled around in a terminal, updating Lirc and so on.....but, in truth, I don't know what I'm doing.........

Can anyone give me an "idiots soup to nuts" guide to getting my remote working. I really havn't got a clue I'm afraid..... Should it be plug and play? Do I need to install any drivers? If so, how from a command line? Do I have to manually launch Lirc.....? Do I need to amend any config files?

Really would appreciate a hand if anyone can help....

Oh well...... if I figure it out, I'll write a "how to" myself.
Search the manual for the word remote.
I completely lost my remote control once...

It was discovered behind the cushions on the sofa.

Oh wait.. I misread the title ;-)
Please do this! I'm having this exact same problem right now and came here for help.

Polecat Wrote:Oh well...... if I figure it out, I'll write a "how to" myself.
Setting the remote to work properly in linux can be a challenge Smile You said you set the remote to MCE within the Logitech software, but did you actually configured the linux lirc daemon to recognize it ?

I suggest you first try it in the operating system, with XBMC stopped: open a terminal, type
then press some remote buttons. You should see some codes such as "0000000000001795 01 down" followed by the name of your remote, as Linux recognise it.

If nothing appears while you press buttons, do a
cat /etc/lirc/lircd.conf
cat /etc/lirc/hardware.conf
and paste the contents here.
aha......great stuff. I didn't know I needed to configure the Lirc daemon and I certainly don't know how to do it...... Oo

This is good stuff though - I'll try out your suggestion below when I'm back from work tonight. I'll then post the results.

The first issue I see if I read correctly is that you are using the MCE Keyboard codes for a HP Media Center Receiver.

You need to use the correct codes in the Harmony library. I have the same Receiver and I have a Harmony 530 and I was able to find multiple HP media center device codes to work with my remote using the HP Receiver.

So, In summary you are using the wrong remote codes.....You need the HP Media center codes to control the HP Media Center Receiver.