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Full Version: Same background for all menus?
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First, let me say that this is my favorite skin ever!

Second, I have a question. What would be the easiest way to set a common background across all of my menu screens? For example, on the home screen, I would like to keep the same background everytime I cycle between the various menu options (TV Shows, Movies, Videos, Music, etc). Likewise, when I click on a menu option, I would still like to keep the same background.

I know I can set a custom background image for every screen under Skin Settings. However, it takes a lot of effort to select the same image for every single screen. When I want to change my background, I would rather not have to change it 15+ places.

I think I found the correct xml file to change the default image for each screen, but I'm afraid that those changes would get overwritten every time I upgrade Transparency.

Any ideas?

you can manually edit guisettings.xml (in the userdata folder).
make sure you exit xbmc before modifying the file, otherwise your changes will get lost the next time xbmc quits.

btw, upgrading a skin will never overwrite any files on your system, except for the skin files of course.
Fantastic, thanks for the response! I assumed that these settings were saved in the Transparency skin directory. Any other modifications I've made have been in the skin folder, so I incorrectly assumed this would be too.