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Full Version: How to jump from Movies to TV shows in Library mode?
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When I'm browsing my movies in library mode and want to switch to browsing TV shows, I scroll through the whole list either way until I arrive at the ".." (parent folder) sign. Before I realised what "flatten" means, I then had to additionally move up in the hierarchy titles, genre and so on. Is there a smarter way to make the jump, a way to get a menu item "TV shows/Movies"" in the left menu, the one with "Library mode, Hide watched" etc ?

OK, I found a better way.

While browsing the movie list, press "C" and move down to "Go to Root".

So obvious really :-)
Depending on the control method, ever thought to use the "ParentDir" or "Previous Menu" function?
How would that work with say, an apple remote?

I guess you can program buttons on a remote to do certain things but how would you know what each button has been assigned to do without trying them?

I guess you can type up a list and tape to the back of the remote, haha.
I prefer if there is a visual feedback on the screen, otherwise why have screen menus at all.
Without ever having touched it, I'd hazard menu?
Good link, thank you.