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Full Version: Problem playing 1080p Movies
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I have a problem of playing 1080p movie, while playing 720p movies my CPU usage is 40-50%, if I will play 1080p it also start with 60-70% and after 5-10 minutes the CPU usage is 90-100% and of course the movie start to stutterer.

My PC is only working with XBMC no other applications are running in my system.

I tried to configure my Nvidia card to take all the process of the coding from the CPU but without help, can I find proper configuration of the driver and Xbmc software to do that?

Vista 32 Home premium SP2
Gigabyte board 945GCM-S2L
2G Ram
Intel core due E4500 2.20Ghz
Gigabyte - Nvidia Geforce 9600GT 512M
XBMC + Aeon Skin

Please help.

That CPU is going to struggle with 1080p content. However, if you run linux on that hardware you can take advantage of the gpu and use that and you will be able to do 1080p without any issues.
I just posted the log file of my PC.


regarding the linux pc I want to do that but like stupid person I bought vista, can I use the linux only that application like the cd live?

You can either partition your harddrive, use a live cd or boot of a usb drive.