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Full Version: Navigating menus is slow and jerky
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for some reason when i try to navigate the main menu (or others) in XBMC (on windows xp sp3) either with a mouse or the keyboard, there's a slight pause between the menus.

for example, with the keyboard, if i arrow up/down between the menus on the main menu, there's a delay between the highlighting of the current menu item and the next menu item.

if i try to navigate with a mouse, the same delay occurs, plus the mouse pointer will also freeze on screen for the duration of the delay.

i also notice jittery playback with movies (DVD rips) from time to time.

doe anyone know what could cause these things to happen?

i'm not sure which version of XBMC i'm running but if it's not the latest release it's close to it (it was updated within the last couple of months).

i have the same problem. Im running Ubuntu Jaunty. Once i do get it to the movie or video, its fine. But navigation is super slow. is there any tips on this?

edit: I have a P4 3.4ghz with 2gb ram...