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Full Version: TMDB 2.1 Scraper
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We finally bumped XBMC to tmdb's new api. this _should_ mean improved speeds, better matching, etc. Thanks to Travis over at tmdb for working with us. He was nice enough to add Movie.getImages for us (though the method is available to all apps obviously) and a few other things as well. Also thanks to vdrfan for getting it in for Camelot on such short notice.

Please take it for a spin on your library to be sure it checks out OK. Keep in mind that all we do is pull data from their database. So if XBMC bombs while fetching some info feel free to file a ticket, but if it's getting incorrect results, you'd be better off taking it to the tmdb forum.

You'll need to use r24609+ or wait for the next alpha/beta to test, it didn't make it for alpha2. (Productive) Feedback welcome.

I just installed camelot (final) over my old build.

However, tmdb scraper seems to have lost its ability to find trailers for the movies. I even tried refreshing a couple movies that were associated with trailers before, and after the refresh, there are no trailers linked to them.

Everything else seems to work well otherwise