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Full Version: Can't get Sopranos into XBMC Library
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I'm running XBMC on an xbox. My xbmc version is probably august-september build.

I've put a few TV series on a NAS which my xbmc connects to. I've put 2 different series on and when I put them into my library that went in without a hitch. I used "Series Name - S01E01" as my naming convention.

Problem I'm having is with Sopranos Series. Changed file names to "The Sopranos - S01E01" For whatever reason It won't scan into the library. Tried all the different TV providers. Tried IMDB on the movie side as well.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Yes, you are not providing a debug log from a scan (see my sig).

No problem with sopranos. I'm using:

The Sopranos.s01e01 for the first episode of the first season, but thetvdb.com site is down. It wi'll be ok today.

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