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Full Version: Add remote control button to keymap and/or lircmap
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Hi All,

I want modify the keymap and lircmap file to support more button from by remote control.

e.g.: I want to add support for eject, fullscreen, bookmark, etc.

May anyone refert me to a comprehensible documentation or give me an example.


more info can be given but it would probably help if you added:
- your OS (ubuntu?)
- xbmc version
- is irw working?
- have you mapped the buttons you wish to use to lirc? ie irw displays "fullscreen" when you press the button which you wish to change to fullscreen?
I agree !

Here my info :
- OS : Ubuntu Karmic
- XBMC : 9.10 Alpha2 from ppa

I got my remote control working trough lirc. When I press any button on the remote I can see it's same in 'irw'.

The biggest issue is I don't understand how the keymap.xml and lircmap.xml are process by XBMC and how they are interrelated. By reading the wiki I've understand there is some sort of preset button for 'remote' that are link to an action, but if I want to add a button I need to add it first to keymap.xml. By this I get lost.

I would expect something more easier. Like, I give a lirc button name and I link it to an action. But it's doesn't seem that simple. This is the reason why I need help.

it's very simple:

Lircmap.xml maps LIRC button names to XBMC button names.
remote.xml maps XBMC button names to ACTIONS.

it works like this cause then we can have a general remote keymapping (remote.xml). when a new device is added we simply add the lircmap which maps the new device onto our standardized one. instead of having to maintain the keymappings for every single device.