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Full Version: Nvidia, S/PDIF and no audio problem
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Hi there. I have a problem setting up my computer to transmit sound via DVI-HDMI cable to my tv set. Previously I used this hack to break into Nvidia drivers and make them think my TV set is only a monitor. Thanks to that solution I was able to connect my computer to the TV with both DVI-HDMI and jack-2xcinch audio cable, and all ran smoothly.

However, I recently had to reinstall lots of things, Nvidia driver included. So I decided to give the S/PDIF cable a try to connect my GeForce 9600 GT to mobo, so that the HDMI-DVI cable transmitted digital sound on its own.

I uninstalled the driver, connected the cable to mobo and graphics card, reinstalled the drivers and... nothing happens. No sound on my TV.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be highly appreciated.
Just in case someone wanted to help, the detailed layout is available here (page 27).