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Full Version: Intenet and Network Problems. Please Help! Noob...
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Alright, so I finally got my XBMC hooked up to the network at the house im living at in college and it was working perfectly for about 1 week.

Than whenever I tried connecting to the MSHOME to see my desktop files I was getting the error message "Invalid Computer Name". After a lot of restarts and playing around with the settings (again I am pretty much a noob) I was able to connect to the network fine but was getting no internet in XBMC and the error message "Could not connect to network server" scrolling on the bottom.

I can FTP so I recently installed the newest XBMC (9.1) and now am getting both the "invalid computer name" error as well as no internet. I really could use some help and I have spent hours searching google to fix the problem with no avail. Here are as much of the settings, please let me know if you need any others....

Assignment - Automatic

Enable HTTP Proxy - Yes

Enable FTP server - Yes

Autodetect system - yes

uPnP settings all NO

Enable Event Server - No

Anyone help would be greatly appreciated, I really want to figure this out!

BTW... I am not sure if I put this in the right sub-forum but its XBMC for a Xbox.
Alright, some more info if it helps. I tryed doing a static setup and assignned the gateway and DNS server. When I did ipconfig/all on my pc (hooked up to the same router) I got 2 DNS servers, I did the top one. Now, when I try to go into my network, I am getting nothing. Just "....".

My hackjob of a network set up works like this,

2 DSL lines hooked into a router. A bunch of wireless access points around the house. I have a hub which goes from the router to my PC and Xbox. Hope this helps, I am tryed my best to read as much in the troubleshooting guides as I can.