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Full Version: [LIVE] Migrating from Xbox1 to Revo/Live; A few questions
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Hello all,

I recently got fed up with the HD limitations while running XBMC on my Xbox, and went and bought an Acer Revo, then threw XBMC Live on it. All my HD content works great, but there are a few usability issues that I can't figure out how to work around. Help would be appreciated.

1) When I go to the "Videos" section, it always goes to the last section that I had open. On my Xbox, it would go to the main video directory, which was advantageous because I have about 8 sources. So what used to be 2-3 button presses is now upwards of 50 or more (to find the '..' previous folder button). Is there any way to make "Videos" always go to the sources section? FWIW, I don't use library mode for this particular section.

2) I have a music videos folder (via SMB) with about 2000 videos, and I don't like to have this source organized with subfolders. I have a wireless keyboard now that I use to navigate, but I wanted to know if it is possible to have the letters on my keyboard be used to go to a letter within the list (like in Windows). This would help navigate around much quicker.

3) On the Xbox I used the left/right triggers for rapid scroll and the up/down buttons for slow scroll. This was very useful for navigating. Is there any equivalent on a keyboard under Live? What about if I got an xbox360 controller to hook up to it (or Remote)?

4) I noticed that scrolling down a list is much less smooth than it is on my XBOX. It really just feels more computer-like and less home-appliance-like (obviously I prefer the latter in my living room). Is there any setting that I can change to improve the visual smoothness when navigating around the UI?

5) Lastly, is there a way to embed a linux-variant browser as a "Program" so that I can browse the web? I like the advantage of not using excess memory/cpu by installing xbmc live instead of ubuntu, but a browser would be nice if possible.

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.

1) just edit your skin and use the appropriate activatewindow (activatewindow(videofiles,Root))
2) hold shift and type away
3) get a 360 / ps3 / whatever gamepad with analogs and have at it
4) no idea what you mean here - probably caused by the weak cpu on the revo
5) yes. search the forums.
Regarding number 5, I did some more googling and found this:


If this is still applicable, please ignore number 5 and excuse my noobosity.
Spiff, that's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks for the quick response.