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Full Version: XBMC on philips multimedia player
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Would it be possible to install and boot XBMC on an multimedia player (philips)? I was thinking on maybe installing linux, then XBMC and make it boot with XBMC, however I don't know if this is possible.
Thank you for an answer or suggestion.
i'm sure, in theory, phillips could have made a media player that has suitable hw. this is obviously all theory since you're not even providing the simplest of information, like for instance, what hw?
You are completely right about the no-mentioned specs. This is what I could find;

USB 2.0
Dolby Digital en DTS

• Capacity hardisk: 500 GB
• Type HDD: 3,5 inch HDD
• Rotation: 7200 rpm
• Transmission: 480 Mb/s
• Access (normal): 8,5 ms
• Cache-memory: 8 MB

• Interface: High-speed USB 2.0 / AV - out
• Audio-input - analoge: Audio L/R (cinch)
• Audio-output - digital: AC3 over S/PDIF (optisch)
• Video-output - analoge: Composite Video-output, S-Video

• Audioformaten: MP3, MPEG 4, WMA, AC3, WAV,
OGG Vorbis
• Pictureformat: JPG
• Subtitle: SUB (microDVD-formaat), SRT
(SubRIP-formaat) SMI (SAMI), ingebouwde
ondersteuning voor meerdere ondertitels
• Videoformat: MPEG 1 (AVI, APG), MPEG 2 (AVI,
VOB), MPEG 4 (DivX, VOD), ISO, DivX home
cinema, Xvid

I hope this makes a difference, or should I open up the box and see for details?