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Full Version: Overscan settings keeps resetting
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I am having an issue with my overscan settings in "video calibration..." resetting every time I start XBMC. I removed the -p from the parameters and this did not fix my issue.

I've taken a look into guisettings.xml and can see the settings applied after I make the changes in XBMC:
<description>1080p60 (Full Screen) #2</description>

When I exit xbmc the guisettings.xml still contain the settings. However as soon as I restart XBMC the guisettings.xml goes back to the default:
<description>1080p60 (Full Screen) #2</description>

I am currenlty using Camelot Alpha2 Rev24543 with Aeon Hitched skin...

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
It's fixed in SVN.
Thanks for the update!!

Is there any way of downloading the new SVN's? I tried searching "SVN" + "Camelot" but didn't see anything... With Babylon I used to use XBMCUpdate.exe.

Otherwise, I guess I will just have to be patient.