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Full Version: TV Shows stopped being added to library
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I have had my system running for quite some time with great satisfaction. I have 2 sources, one for TV and one for Movies running in library mode. Both has worked perfectly since the install many months ago.
However, a couple of days ago, adding TV shows stopped working. When selecting "Scan for new content" XBMC correctly notices the newly added episodes, but it does not add them to the library. Selecting "Scan for new content" again, the same thing happens: the newly added episodes are recognized but not added.

Movies still works just fine. But since I was in a motion of rebuilding my server, I figured I would reinstall Ubuntu 9.04 as well. However, same issue is still present. I can add movies just fine to the library, but not Tv shows, regardless of what scraper I select.

Before digging into log files and such, I simply wonder if something obvious happened lately. As in updates to Ubuntu broke some parts, or the scrapers for TV are now broken.
Honestly? See the homepage or the myriad of threads on this forum. thetvdb.com is down.
Sure, but should that effect the other scrapers? And if thetvdb.com is the only working scraper, why have other choices?

Either way, I'll patiently wait for their servers to be up and running again then. Thanks.