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Full Version: TV Shows Not Being Imported to Library
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I recently did a fresh install to 9.11 alpha 2 using the live CD to an Acer Aspire. When I try to import my movies over a mounted samba share to ~/Videos I'm not able to get the TV shows to import to the library. My TV show directory structure is <Show Name>/<Season #>/SxEE - <Title>/SxEE - <Title>.ext.

I previously was running alpha 1 and used the Network configuration in XBMC to set my default smb user/password and browse using the built in XBMC method. Coincidentally I had some issues when watching a video for longer then 5-10 minutes and a bit of reading on these forums said that mounting is more reliable. So, no I have the share mounted locally but I can't get anything to import. I chalked it up as a TheTVDB.com issue the first time and did another fresh install and got the same result. Any idea why my shows aren't importing? I pick the scan option, and scan at launch. The first time it looks like it's importing something but the library never populates.

Bonus question!: How can I wipe all my settings and library without reinstalling.

Bonus question #2!: What's the "best" method for accessing data on a Linux box? Samba has a somewhat hefty overhead and seems to be unreliable in some circumstances. What kind of share is best? Assume 1080p content.

Edit: Found this thread http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=4...post440209 already discussing my main question.
When was the last time you've tried to import TV shows into your library? TheTVDB has been down for several days, but it should be back up now.

The thread you linked to is in the Windows board -- is that a Windows-only problem?
No, it's a Linux problem too in ~/.xbmc/temp/xbmc.log you'll see the same curl errors that the windows user was having. I requested an update and I'm watching the log files and it looks like some shows are being updated and others are not which is exactly what that thetvdb thread said. If anyone else is having this problem and you're using thetvdb.com as your TV scraper, check this status page http://thetvdb.com/?tab=reports. When "Series waiting to be updated" is at 0, the site should be 100% operational again, otherwise it's a crap shoot if the show your requesting will work or not.