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Full Version: Infinite looping when item is selected using keyboard/remote
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Randomly infinte looping happens when you select an item by pressing "enter" on keyword or remote (this fact suggests it is independent from the input device).

Although not very frequent this annoying behaviour is likely to appear during normal browsing sessions of 30 minutes or so.

Neither "esc" or "backspace" seem to interrupt the loop, so normal usage is broken.

Here a log to help you indentify the causes of it:


OS X 10.4.11 on a Mac Mini 1st generation (PPC)
alpha 2 release of 9.11
installation through .dmg

Thanks a lot.
Do you only have this problem in the SVN repo installer?

That's what is appearing in your logs at least.
That happens to my bluetooth keyboard sometimes when I have my cellular telephone very close to it.
After some usage test, I can confirm a couple of facts:

1) The problem I described in this thread appears completely random, at least to me. It does not seem to depend on which functionality has been used.

2) That problem happens also when using the keyboard and with the IR receiver unplugged. Thus the cause suggested by outleradam does not seem to be relevant in this case.

It is a fact that this anomaly is blocking only when using the SVN repo installer, because a loop in the "Enter" command causes a lot of threads to start and consequently prevents any more operation. For this reason, it is really invalidating for the normal usage of xbmc, at least on my system.

I am wondering whether anyone else has experienced the same problem.