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Full Version: xbox 360 controller help
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hi all

ive been trying to get a xbox 360 wirless controller setup.
im all set, i compiled, launched the driver through putty as root.
i dont know if its to do with the driver or keymap.xml but im having problems with the triggers and analog sticks.

after i have launched the driver i can scroll up or down in a list with the left or right trigger but only up or down. if i go up then it works as per usual but as soon as i pull the trigger to go down both triggers stop working and i cannot go up or down.
it seems that this issue also effects the right analog stick.
after starting the driver i can use the volume up or down all the time until i use the triggers, after that it wont register the right analog stick at all.

ive tried changing the deadzone from 3000 to 4000 to 12000 to 18000 but no dice, it doesnt help.
this is my driver startup command


./xboxdrv --dpad-as-button --deadzone 12000

this is my keymap.xml file


any help would be great as i bought the controller just for trigger scrolling.
by the way

Originally Posted by Grumbel View Post
Have a look at --trigger-as-button and --trigger-as-zaxis one of those should solve your problem, which one depends on if you need axis or button events.
yeah ive tried both those commands without success.

--trigger-as-button doesnt let me scroll through list with the triggers. it also changes the left trigger into the back button for some reason. whereas the right trigger essentially does nothing. start stays the same.

--trigger-as-zaxis doesn't work as well. it turns the right analog stick left and right into volume instead of up and down, its also reversed. so left it volume up right is volume down.
right analog stick down is fast forward by x4 for a small deviation from the center and goes to 32x for all the way down. the triggers don't work at all.

im pretty sure it has something to do with the keymap.xml that im using but i have no idea what, or how to change it.

any help would be amazing.
I am about to ask something that might sound really dumb. I have never used linux in my life and I can't follow the instructions. Can you provide a little more detail to make it followable for someone with only msdos and windows experience? Thank you so much!