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Full Version: "now playing" dissapears when DIM screensaver kicks in
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When I play music I see the album art, and track info in the bottom left of the screen on the homescreen.

After three minutes the dim screensaver kicks in, dimming 20% (default). I can still see everything clearly enough, but the display is just not as visible. Great when we have people over.

Only annoying thing is that the album art and info scrolls out to the left when the screensaver kicks in. Might be a screensaver thing, but can it be turned off? So the info and art stays there?

I use the Alaski skin, and found out that it is not related to Alaska skin setting/ Not sure where the question belongs, so hope someone can help out or point in the right direction.
To further help we use MusicOverlay and VideoOverlay to show the Now Playing info so I assume the screensaver closes these windows down.
A little bump. Can this be done?
It seems like such a small change Big Grin
then friggan do it.
I need help to do so. I guess it is a parameter somewhere, but I don't know where to look or what to look for which makes it kind of hard. I was hoping someone could point me in a direction.

Could also be nice for others to know this as well. When the screen dims, I see no point why part of it should dissapear altogether. Even with regular screen dim settings you are still able to read what is playing, but then it has to be on screen.
Been searching myself for several days now. There i no dim screensaver in my usr/xbmc folder. I found other screensavers but not this one. Also searched all xbmc files for string musicoverlay but it only comes up in laguage specific file. Is this hardcoded in the xbmc files perhaps and unchangeable?
Could someone with XBMC skinning experience please tell me if what I want is possible or not, and if it is - point me in a direction?
I think this is hardcoded in XBMC.
Thanks again Hitcher. I am not giving up yet, epecially with the white Alaska skin I really like dim. If only it just did what the name implies Wink I'll ask in the screensaver section.

Hitcher Wrote:I think this is hardcoded in XBMC.
unlike most (all) other skins, Alaska uses MusicOverlay.xml to display the 'now playing' info.
most probably xbmc closes this dialog when the screensaver kicks in.
this indeed is hard-coded in xbmc and can't be controlled by the skin...for all i know.

just try it with any other skin (Confluence / PM3.HD / whatever) and you'll notice the info will stay on screen when the screensaver kicks in.

so your only option is the mod Alaska to make use of <include> for now playing info, instead of depending on MusicOverlay.xml
Of course, thanks ronie.

I've reverted back to using a Now Playing include so now it doesn't disappear when the screensaver kicks in.
Hitcher Wrote:Of course, thanks ronie.

I've reverted back to using a Now Playing include so now it doesn't disappear when the screensaver kicks in.

you can change it back now ;-)

Thanks JM.
Note: Only in trunk, not in Camelot - fix was seen as possibly obtrusive.
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