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Full Version: Norwegian language
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hi all!

first of all i just wanna say that xbmc rocks! it's just the best xbox dash out there  :bowdown:

anyway, it seems as the norwegian language isn't updated anymore, so i wonder if theres a need for a new translator (that would be mee).

in case i'm going to update the language file i'm wondering if the english language file is always up to date. in that case this will be an easy task Smile
translators are always welcome.

check the cvs archive for the latest english language (yes it is always up to date):

english strings from cvs

you also might want to check on the sf site in the patches section to make sure that noone has beaten you to it. if so, you could always offer to help. uploading your translation as a patch there is the best + quickest way to get it added. please specify which version (from cvs) of the english strings.xml that you have translated so we can track which translation is the most up to date.

so you guys don't have a clue if anyone is working on it or not? i mean, it's no use in me doing the samme work as others. anyway, i'll look into it. please notice me if you know that theres another working with it Smile
there is a patch with a new norwegian language file available at sourceforge..


(ps; du må gjerne hjelpe fyren for det er en del han var usikker på, se kommentarer i filen)..
Quote:q: i have translated or updated an xbmc gui language file (strings.xml), where do i submit it?
a: if it's under 255kb when zipped submit it on sourceforge, otherwise upload it here (link).
now i'm not norwegian myself but i know that you want to separate norwegian into "norwegian (bokmål)" and "norwegian (nynorsk)"