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Full Version: Is there any way to view Song names differently?
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Firstly of all i would like to congratulate you for making the most beautiful theme for xbmc,

i just have this slight issue with the way song names are displayed,
The album name hogs all the space and finding songs can become troublesome if the album has a long name,
i was wondering if the naming pattern could be changed so the the title is displayed first and then the album or artist,

or maybe even only view the title name here


Any help at all would be nice !!
I was going to ask much the same thing. Having the album title there is redundant, as we know what album it is 1) we clicked on it (unless on shuffle) and 2) there is a whopping great picture!

would be much better to have

01 - Nightrain
02 - Mr Brownstone
03 - It's So Easy


is that a skin issue or an XBMC issue?
Under Settings>Music>Files

Enable Tag Reading
Enabling tag reading will read the tag-information written in every song. This will slow down read time of large directories (particularly over a network), but will give, if properly named, a better description of your music files. If you wish to have the tag information without having to wait for them to load each time, you can “Scan” your songs from My Music:Songs. This will read the tags of all songs in this directory (and it's subdirectories) and add the information to the database (stored in the “albums” folder). Next time you go into that directory, XBMC will first look for the tag information in the database, which should speed up the directory loading.

Track Naming Template
Controls the way that the names of songs are displayed in the UI. In order to function properly, ID3 tags need to be enabled. For a list of options that can be used, see Tags Available for Audio Files

awsome. Does this work for m4a/aac files too?
Thanks alot for your excellent reply,
but i am still missing something
all my songs are properly tagged and i have set the track naming template as follows


yet i still see the songs like this when i open any album


Once i press spacebar and enter the playlist view ......
i see tracks named like this


i figure i am just missing a very small trick to get the songs named properly without entering the playlist
Are you using file mode?
on the hidden left menu, set sort method to 'track'.

as a sidenote, you may want to change the 'track naming template right' to %D
Sort method to track & everything works like a charm now !!!!

Thank u everybody who helped

and yes Niamhy i really like that picture too
Hmm how do i find the hidden left menu?? Seems my problem with non-present numbers in tha audio section might go away if i find that menu.. I have xbmc 10 under win xp
just press 'left'.
Hoho, seems i was using xbmc 9 Tongue Now with 10 installed everything works out of the box.. GREAT!!!!!
Just stumbled across this as it was also driving me crazy!

Setting sort to 'Track' did the trick!
How to change this in KODI 17 ?