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Full Version: [LIVE] Storage Sollutions
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I am looking for a Storage Solution to house all of my media. I am quickly running out of space with all of these 1080P MKVs and I want something that can house Internal 3.5 HDDs (More Economical than buying Externals & cleaner, less wires). I Currently have a couple externals but it is getting to be kind of a mess. I am looking for a 4-Bay Solution that will be compatible with XBMC Live. I do not need NAS to save money. The Device will be hooked up directly to my Revo via USB or ESATA. Any Suggestions? TIA
What about a couple of HDD docks using 2Tb drives (they take stock 3.5 drives). That's close to 4Tb's with 2 docks - and they can run either USB2 or (e)SATA.
KidKiwi Wrote:What about a couple of HDD docks using 2Tb drives (they take stock 3.5 drives). That's close to 4Tb's with 2 docks - and they can run either USB2 or (e)SATA.

Have any examples?
How about this... Has anyone used this in XBMC? It doesn't do Raid -- Which I'm okay with. I wont be able to use the eSATA because it requires you to use a Port Replicator, but I'm fine using USB...

I would recomend making your own NAS if you have any old pc's around, this will save money and works very well with XBMC
Unfortunately I don't really have an older Desktop that I could use as a NAS Server... I have my gaming desktop but that sucks down too much juice to leave on all the time. I have a couple Laptops as well... Any other suggestions?

that works nicely with xbmc. and it has raid etc
You don't say how much you want to spend but most solutions aren't cheap, cheapest is probably to build your own

There's always a Drobo some people love them some hate them, the cheapest is a 4 bay but they're still kind of pricey
I do like the look of the Drobo's they seem like a smart/easy to use device but Im just not sure I want to spend that much... $350 is the cheapest online. I like the fact that you can Mix and match, and it runs in RAID-5 so you have some parity protection if a drive were to fail, it could be rebuilt. So is the drobo really worth an extra $100 over a 4 bay Icy Dock?
Here is the dock I was taking about http://ascent.co.nz/productspecification...mID=364933

I have one and it works fine, although it is NOT connected directly to the xbox. I don't know anything about xboxlive (can it run USB doggles??)
I Have this one http://www.goharddrive.com/ULTIRAID-BOX-...4-0181.htm
And it does raid very well. But I am about to out row it a will soon be looking into something with t least 10 drive bays.