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Full Version: solved juddering with mkv
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some users in the german evo-x forum had several problems with juddering mkv files.
me too.

we have tried all tipps&tricks like "make your own modlines" etc.
we have tried to copy&paste some of the xorg.conf files, which can be found here.

but, after all, there was still some juddering.

the only thing that differed from user to user was: live or full-ubuntu-install.
the problem accured only with full install versions.

and the big difference between those is Gnome.
and the gnome effects (or compiz) set to "OFF" solved the problem in several cases.

it's worth a try Cool
Yes, compiz & visual effect have to be turned off.
Also you need to disable the composite extension in xorg.conf, there's no point in having that on if you only run xbmc.