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Full Version: Errors Installing xbmc-bin
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I am in the learning stages for linux, as well as XBMC. That being said, I may of screwed something up (not a big deal!). However, i'd like to learn from the situation i'm in right now!

I logged into my machine and went through

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade

It went through and updated some things. However, I am having issues with a particular package. "xbmc-bin" won't install!


apt-get -f install

I receive the following:

http://pastebin.com/m7de843eb (basically that there were errors processing).

I have tried using

apt-get clean


dpkg --configure --pending

However it continues to error out.

Any thoughts?

Also, thank you EVERYONE who has helped me thus far. This community rocks!
I got around the problem by doing the following:

dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/xbmc-bin_1%3a9.11~beta1+svn25154-jaunty1_amd64.deb

Although, looking at the problem further it looks like there is a collision of resources between two packages? Can anyone confirm? Or did I do something wrong?