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Full Version: [HELP] XBMC IMDB Movie Scraper - No MPAA
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Hey guys, real quick..

My IMDB scrapes from movie info used to work fine but as of a few updates ago (I'm using nightly builds), my MPAA ratings won't scrape. I have to manually enter them into the nfo files. Is this a known issue or is there something I can do to fix this? Any help would be appreciated. I've tried a fresh install but it doesn't look like it did anything. Thanks a lot.

This was already fixed in SVN r25251. You need to fetch the updated scrapers from SVN or wait for the next (pre-) release.
Cool. Thanks for the quick response. Wouldn't this automatically change for me when setting up a clean install? It's still not working after a fresh installation. How can I fetch the updated scrapers through SVN? I have a client, etc. Where do I grab the files?

Thanks again, I appreciate it.

You need to re-scrape in order to make it work.
I know. I understand that part of it. I've been manually editing all of my movies to include a mpaa rating. Even for new movies though, without an nfo file, for a fresh scrape the mpaa won't pull. Hmmph.
Debug log please.

Uploaded it for you. Just made a false movie w/ a clip from youtube. "There's Something About Mary" is supposed to be the movie being scraped. I went into the file and the MPAA is left blank. Let me know if anything looks out of place. Thanks man.

Anyone get a chance to look today?
You mean apart from all the experts that took the time to diagnose it and decided not to reply?
Just a polite way of bumping it, sorry for the bother Sho.
Pastebin please, do not use hosting sites for text.

Edit: Hm, mixed the topics. You need http://trac.xbmc.org/export/25459/trunk/...n/imdb.xml (place in system/scrapers/video/common) and http://trac.xbmc.org/export/25459/trunk/...o/imdb.xml (place in system/scrapers/video/). Replace if asked.
Cool, thanks a lot for your help man. You've been extremely helpful. I'll be sure to try this first thing when I get home. I appreciate it.