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Full Version: [Linux] Stacked (multi part) movies CTP on hitting file 2
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Evening all,

Since Alpha 1 (and up to Beta 1) I've found that every film that I watch that has multi parts crashes to command prompt when moving to the second file.

The files would be xxxx - CD1.avi, xxxx - CD2.avi

These used to work okay but have now stopped, I can of course just switch to file view and watch the second part no probs but its a bit of a pain.

Is this just me or is it more common, or better yet a known issue I didn't spot when searching?
A Debug Log would be a good start.
Sorry, I'll sort one of those out for you - could be quite big though!

Well that test didn't go exactly to plan - instead of crashing back to prompt it paused for a little while then continued (which I would expect).

It did this three times in debug mode but crashed again out of debug which was really annoying!

I wonder if there is any operational difference during debug mode.

Anyway here is the log file in debug mode , I would say the issue is at around line 10016 as that it where in loads the second file.

I have also uploaded the the log file without debug on where it crashed - hope it helps

Thanks for looking into this.
No more thoughts?
Wait 24hrs before bumping your thread. That gives folks around the world some time to see it!
I'll just give this a wee bump as its on page 4 and I've given it a little while.
Well one last bump before I give up and just hope it works again later Sad
Did it start to work again by itself?
I've not had chance to upgrade because my HD died taking everything with it Sad, but it never worked on beta 2 despite trying for hours with debug logs etc.