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Full Version: XBMC Black Market
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Does anyone know how to contact the people running this site: http://blackmarket.ictcsc.net/ I have emailed all available names I can see on the site and have yet to hear anything back.

Without a sponsor we are unable to host anything such as themes/wallpapers/stages in a decent manner which is why we'd like to speak to the people running that site.

Any help would be really great!

Host them on googlecode perhaps Smile
Doesn't look like it's used anymore going by the the last update -

Quote:Posted on 16 Sep 2008 by Martomo
blittan Wrote:Host them on googlecode perhaps Smile

Or github.
gitbhub is a giant waste of time in my opinion but googlcode may be a great option.
The last post was on 16 Sep 2008 for XBMC Black Market.
Yeah quite a long time ago lol
oh, i know the guy. he based if off my xbmc market that i made for mc360 way back when so i helped him with it every now and then. haven't seen him online in a while though but if you pm me, i can give you his msn.
Seems we'll have things going on our own manturafs but thanks a ton either way Smile
XBMCG33K Wrote:Seems we'll have things going on our own manturafs but thanks a ton either way Smile

Ok I'll bite why the hell did you link his name to his profile ?
my guess is to get the spelling correct he copy/pasted from the link on the post, and the link just carried along.
LOL really? I thought it was obvious, if im being lazy or the name is a crazy name to spell out (like EqUiNoX) then I simply copy and paste the name from the post above like so: [b]Jezz_X[/b]