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Full Version: Can't use return with ActivateWindow(VideoFiles)?
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works but then parentNode (back button) returns to T:\
so, I changed it to:


and now the ActivateWindow goes to: T:\ instead (the list shows "Video")

If I change it to


the ActivateWindow presents an empty list. Taking the ",return" makes it work as expected.

What's happening? :confused2:
Ah, a careful reading of http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=List_of_Built_In_Functions indicates that the "return" parameter is only valid for some windows and only lists MusicLibrary and VideoLibrary as ones that definitely support it. Perhaps that is the problem?

Oh yes, xbmc is in Library mode at the time ActivateWindow is called.
Thanx. I added my two-cents worth to the ticket. I'll work around the problem for now.