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Full Version: Adding Files to Library
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Ok, I am kind of at a loss after playing with XBMC for the past couple days.
I have all of my movies organized in their own folders, with the folder name matching each movie name. I used Ember Media Manager to create .nfo files, fanart, and thumbnails for each movie.

How can I get XBMC to recognize that I already have all the information that it needs, and to use that information in Library mode. Since the only way that I have been able to find to add Movies to my library is to:

1. select the folder in files mode
2. then select set content
3. then set the content to movie
4. make sure that "run automated scan" and "use folder names for lookup" is checked.

I do that, and then XBMC goes and starts downloading its own information for each and every movie. Is there a way to add my movies to Library and get it to use the files that I already have downloaded and organized?

Scan will take care of it if the .nfo and other files are named properly.
I have figured out how to get them into the library, but it is still downloading information. For like half of my collection, it just adds them, uses the nfo and images that I have for them. Then the other half, XBMC downloads its own information for the movies. yet these files are named exactly the same as the ones that work when adding to library, any idea why?