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Full Version: [All Platforms] - New TVDB BUG
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Looks like a bug has developed across several platforms for scraping TV shows from TheTVDB.

The issue is that XBMC will only scan the first two episodes from a file naming convention using thetvdb.

For example, Files that have failed look like:
In these two files, only the first two episodes are being scraped (e01e02 & e05e06). The latter two (or more) in the file name are ignored.

Please see:



I was able to verify that this issue exists with a fresh download of 9.11-beta2 r25483
As pointed out in the threads you've linked to, its already fixed in svn.

And on a side issue has nothing to do with TheTVDB.
thanks prae5,

Can you (or anyone on this mailer) help me to better understand...

Are you suggesting that I download from http://www.sshcs.com/xbmc/ ?

I had downloaded the SVN update files from that site, and that is when the issue seemed to develop.

Should I download the complete version there and try that?

Is there a different site that you recommend? What SVN resolved this?

Sorry for being dense, but I could appreciate a bit more info.

Stop spamming multiple threads with the same problem.


Fixed in 25663 - http://trac.xbmc.org/changeset/25663