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Full Version: [XBOX] Skin Problems
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Hi everyone, first time on here so sorry if i have caused a problem i did search Big Grin

Right, currently revived one of my old xbox machines that already had XBMC installed. I set it up in a bedroom to connect to a media server for film viewing mainly. Now, no doubt the package is out of date as it installed it end of 2007! but i am having trouble finding the latest version for an xbox so i can update my current one (maybe in different folders so i can run them alond side and then once i know its 100% i can delete the one i am running. Anyway. Its all set up and working, the iplayer script does not work and i believe this is because i am using an out of date version, so updating is needed. I will have another look and maybe post somewhere else.

Here is the question, I really do like the Rapier skin and have used it. It runs pretty smooth. I have used some nfo software to include plots/dvd art/fan art so it will make it a really media centre. Now the problem comes when i want to view dvd titles in the Rapier skin, The pictures make it look really good where the user can select it and view the fan art and plot. All mine does is get the dvd art on the icon(will only display small thumbnails) and puts that image on every other title, so i am looking at say 12 different movies in the folder all with the same image. when i move onto the next video it then displays that video art on all the thumbnails!

Any one know why it would do that? Again it might just because i am using an out of date version.
google "T3ch" or "XBMC nightly builds" to find current xbox versions
Thankyou, i am currently downloading the latest version Smile
Your DVD problem confuses me a bit, but try stacking files.