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Full Version: [LIVE] 9.11 rc1 rootfs.img squashfs 3.1?
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Hi All,

I'm trying to customize 9.11 rc1 live. But when I try to mount rootfs.img, it said old squashfs not supported. I check both 9.11 b2 and 9.11 rc1. 9.11 b2 file "live/filesystem.squashfs" using squashfs 4.0, but 9.11 rc1 rootfs.img using squashfs 3.1. So I'm not able to mount it. Is there any reason why use old version of squahfs? How can I mount in Fedora 11?


Just find that even skins are different in 9.11rc1, 9.11b2 using Confluence, but 9.11rc1 come with MediaStream and PM3.HD. 9.11rc1 using 2.6.28-11 kernel, and 9.11b2 using 2.6.31-16 kernel. Layout are different, xbmc.bin create time 9.11rc1 old than 9.11b2. Really don't know which one newer. I will stay with b2 for now.

Sorry, my mistake, I think download old 9.04. file name doesn't contain version info.