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Full Version: ASRock ION 330 & Wireless
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I have an ASRock ION 330 and am currently running via powerline adapters.. Needless to say, I can't stream any HD content properly, but SD content is fine.

Since I can't run any network cables, I would like to run this over wireless.

Which wireless adapter would work well with the 330? I would also need to buy the proper wireless router/ap as well..

Distance isnt very much, just goes through one floor. (Router would be less then 20 feet away)

Need to be able to stream HD 1080p content..

Any advice would be appreciated..
I was looking around and found the following items available locally:

Linksys Dualband Wireless N USB Adapter WUSB600N
Linksys StorageLink Wireless N Router WRT610N v2

Does anyone know if these will work properly with the ION 330 and will be fast enough for HD?