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Full Version: Samba timeout issue
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this is not necessarily a Linux XBMC issue. My media content is streamed
via samba from a ch3snas. This nas puts my harddisks to sleepmode when not
in use. The problem is that the wakeup takes a couple of seconds which results
in a messagebox from XBMC stating that the media file I am trying to access is
no longer available and "Do you want to remove *it* from the library?".

Is there a setting a I can adjust to meet the requirements of my setup ?


Not ideal, but you mount the share with smbmount and setup a cronjob to access it within the timeout, it won't go to sleep.

thanks for your answer.

This is not quite what I had in mind. I don't really want the harddisks
to be spinning when not in use. I was hoping for a timeout setting in
XBMC for accessing media files. This wouldn't need to be smb specific
since the same problem would apply when accessing files via upnp
for example.