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Full Version: XBMCLive 9.11: creating boot hooks
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XBMCLive 9.11 supports execution of custom scripts at boot time with root privileges, allowing some level of automatic customization. This is quite handy for USB live installations, where the execution of these hooks happens before XBMC starts up.

To enable this feature create a directory called "Hooks" (case sensitiveness applies) in the root of the XBMCLive flash disk, and place your shell scripts there, giving them a .sh file extension; the files will be executed sequentially in alphabetic order, and will be able to access the USB disk that is mounted on /live/image.

A simple example of hook: copying a custom xorg.conf in place.

# copyXConf.sh
# a custom xorg.conf needs to be saved in directory Hooks of the USB flash disk
cp /live/image/Hooks/xorg.conf /etc/X11