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Full Version: Multiple HD One XBMC Videos Map Name.. Possible?
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Hi all,

I have at this moment 1 of 3 HD installed on my HTPC. Into XBMC I have a dir mapping to Videos with name Tag "films" that is linked to for example /mediacenter/disc1/films.

If I install 2 of 3 HD, Is possible to have this name Tag linked to two filesystem directories?. I mean, if you go into "films", XBMC reads for example /mediacenter/disc1/films and /mediacenter/disc2/films.

You could answer me doing a HD RAID, but i don't want to lose 1,5TB xvid videos.

Sorry for my English Rolleyes

Best regards
yes. just add as many paths you want to the media source....

if i understand your question correctly, what you are trying to do should
be possible. You would have to edit your "films" source and add the paths
to the movie directories on your other harddisk.

My setup looks something like this (via samba):

moviedir on nas0:
moviedir on nas1:

Both directories cointain genre subdirectories like horror, action ...

I have one source setup for my movies to which I added both of the above


Thanks to all for a quickly answer. Wink