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Full Version: XBMC is running *very* slowly
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I set up my Revo 3600 with Ubuntu 9.10 then built the latest SVN version of XBMC using the instructions in the readme files. I used the defaults, so no flags at the configure step. Everything worked, but when I run XBMC it seems to start quickly but as soon as it goes into the skin it runs very slowly. The ticker along the bottom advances by one character per minute and it takes 10 seconds to respond to any keypresses. It's also using 100% CPU (which may not be relevant as XBMC tends to do that anyway).

I'd guess the video is messed up somehow and that's why everything is slow. I'll have a poke around, but before I set to work does anyone know of an obvious reason why things might be running so slowly. Is there some obvious setting I need to check?


Sounds like a video issue for sure.
Have you recently updated your system kernel or anything?
Perhaps your video driver needs reinstalled.
Yes, it sounds that you have to reinstall video driver. Last night I updated from 9.04 to 9.10 and of course all drivers I installed manually must be installed into newer ubuntu version.

I think if you see system information you could see "Software rendering" instead of your Graphic Model.

Be careful with system upgrades (apt-get). Sometimes you will need to reinstall your drivers (for me graphic and audio driver)
It was the video driver. I downloaded the ION driver from http://www.nvidia.com and that has fixed the problem.