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Full Version: Broken keymap in beta1?
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xbmc 9.11~beta1-karmic2
xbmc-bin 1:9.11~rc1-karmic2
xbmc-data 1:9.11~rc1-karmic2
xbmc-skin-confluence 9.11~beta1-karmic2
xbmc-skin-pm3-hd 9.11~beta1-karmic2
xbmc-web-pm3 9.11~beta1-karmic2

On my MCE remote, I used to press the large play button at the top to get the context menu (info?) where I could select update library however now is the same as play or select. I.e if I press the large play button on the mce remote rather than getting the contect menu it selects the highlighted menu item.

Anybody else have the same?

Any ideas on how to get the old mapping back?
Not broken. They changed Play to Guide button.