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Full Version: Information missing from Videos view
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XBMC version 9.04
Mediastream skin

Whilst under 'Watch my movies' I am able to see information about the film itself (plot, cast, rating etc), when I choose 'Watch My Videos' all of that information is empty.



Is this by design, or do I need to enable it in some way?

I have the following structure -

\8 Mile (2002)\8 Mile.iso

In the same dir -

(this is probably way more files than I need but Im uncertain to delete anything when it mostly works except for the above issue..)

8 mile.nfo
8 Mile.jpg
8 mile.tbn
8 Mile-fanart.jpg
Double check your .nfo files. Btw, there's no need for two .nfo files. Use movie.nfo OR <moviename>.nfo.
Ive used several tools to scrape images and nfo details which is why Ive got two nfos, Ill delete one of them as you suggest.

Ive checked the NFOs and they appear to contain the informaiton needed, is there anything particular I need to do with them?
Pastebin the .nfo please.
Hi I hope this is what you mean -

Ive been advised that the Videos view is more a file browser, and that this information wont show there.

Ill just use Movies instead, the reason I wanted to use Videos is that there I can browse straight to each individual source, rather than scrolling through my entire movie collection together via the 'movies' link.

I guess the best way would be to use Library to sort via genre etc, but as many films are catagorised under several different genres this would be difficult, and leads to unpredictable results (Commando, for instance, under comedy).
I also reported this issue here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=64565

This behavior is definitely different from previous revisions of XBMC, and seems to me like a step back from what it had been (it seems kind of pointless to go through the trouble of scanning all of my mythtv files, which are dynamic enough that they will be gone in a few days). Previously, I could just hit info and the information would show up.

Can one of the devs comment on whether this was done intentionally to fix something else, or if it would be possible to re-enable this at some point in the future?
Hitting INFO and seeing the info != seeing the info while you're in the list. Two completely different issues.

The former USED to be done, but apparently isn't working anymore - I haven't confirmed this.

The latter NEVER happened.

So if I interpret your reply correctly, my issue IS something that seems to have broken, but is separate from marcus' original issue. (Please clarify if I have that backward)

If so, sorry for stomping on your thread marcus, and is there anything else I can do to help get my issue fixed? Beyond the debug log posted in my original thread, that is.
yes your issue is unrelated