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Full Version: Please help! creating nfo files
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I have recordings of a TV show (a real show, like latenight shows). The show is on tvdb.com, but no episodes. So I tried to create nfo files to have xbmc 9.11rc1 show me the recorded videos.

At first, I just created a nfo file for an episode, looking like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

With this, xbmc starts importing, but never stops... It even crashed at some point with a segfault. When I looked into the logfile created, it said something about checking tvshow.nfo. So I also tried to create a tvshow.nfo:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <plot>The best TV show in the world</plot>
        <genre>Action and Adventure / Drama</genre>
            <name>Big John</name>
            <role>Jack of all trades</role>

Now, importing stops at some point - but I can still see no episode when in database mode.

Could somebody please explain me what I would need to do? I have tried to create nfo-files according to this documentation:


Thanks for any helpful hints!

Try checking those out and see if that helps.

As long as thetvdb.com has the tv series listed, even if it doesn't have the episodes listed, XBMC will populate the library with your local info (from the nfo files) instead of grabbing it from thetvdb.com (local content makes XBMC bypass pulling the info from the websites the scraper normally grabs info from.

Another option is that you could setup an account on thetvdb.com, login, and add the tv series/episode info. This will benefit others who would like to use thetvdb scraper to pull this content (which is currently not available since nobody has added it yet) Wink

Hope this helps Smile
Thanks for the links. The links are pointing to the same side as the link I posted in my question, don't they? I am really trying to create nfo files according to that documentation, and if you have a look at the nfo files I created, these almost look exactly like the ones on that page.

Thing is, it's not working...

Setting up an accounting with thetvdb.com is a good idea, but since I have only recently recorded shows here, I would have to enter dummy information which is far from accurate and might not help, but actually confuse others...
Note your filenames MUST be enumerated (ie contain sXXeYY or functional equivalent).
Yes, that's it. Thanks!