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Full Version: hanging after 6 hours of inactivity
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Ran across a potential bug in RC1. After ~6 hours of inactivity, the XBMC seems to hang after particular sequence of events:

Day 1: create music playlist with over 3K entries and play it for a while.

Day 2, ~11am: go to the VIDEOS and play a video for an hour
Day 2, ~6pm: go to MUSIC, try to go to 'Now Playing...' list (hitting 'Guide' button on MCE remote then picking 'Now Playing' entry from the menu) - XBMC hangs with no errors being written to the log file (see http://drop.io/dpjocfk for full log - over 3.5Mb)

Could rectify the situation only through restarting XBMC. Let me know if more info is required...

System info is below:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4450e
Motherboard: ASUS M3N78-VM with build-in sound
OS: Ubuntu 8.04.2
XBMC release: RC1, compiled from SVN
Sound setup: Analog, downmix to 2 channels
SoundPulse: disabled
SKIN: Confluence, with default nav sounds
Build type: compiled from SVN


Actually, according to your log you:

1. Went to the now playing window.
2. Pressed Select on the first track (some number by Billy Joel).
3. Something bad happened :p

It'd be useful to get a callstack next time that occurs.
..... can you pls point me to the place which would show what needs to be done next time? (in terms of how to get the stacktrace, etc)

The stdout / stderr logs don't show anything significant.... No coredump either.

In terms of playing the track, it was SUPPOSED to play it. After I pressed the 'Now Playing' from the 'MUSIC' menu, all menus dissappered, leaving just the background pic (flaming guitar), but that was it - nothing else. And the XBMC stopped responding to the remote as well (as log shows - I pressed a number of buttons, but nothing worked).