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Full Version: Screen Tearing Plz Help
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I can't figure this out for the life of me and I've tried turning on and off various options to only end up in the same place.

System: Ubuntu 9.10, XBMC RC1, Nvidia 8500 GT (Tried 1.85, 1.9, and 1.95 drivers) TV - Sony 46W3000 1080p

I get screen tearing at the top quarter of the screen and if anything play full screen (Without black bars) I can notice it and obviously it's annoying.

X server reports everything properly (Shows 1920x1080 and allows me to switch between 60hz or 24hz and the TV recognizes both)

Under XBMC it reports the resolution as 1920x1080 @50 - Fullscreen and I've tried numerous options under XBMC (turning adjust refresh rate, match playback to display etc... and nothing)

I'm seriously lost with what to next so anything helps :confused2:

Turn off the composite extension in xorg.conf and enable vsync in xbmc.
bobo1on1 Wrote:Turn off the composite extension in xorg.conf and enable vsync in xbmc.

I don't see a section for that has anything relating to composite extension, so would I add this in the xorg.conf

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Off"
It's "Disable" instead of "Off", you can check if it's really disabled with "xdpyinfo | grep -i composite", if that doesn't produce any text you know it's off.
Oddly enough "Off" fixed the problem and removed tearing. I'll check "xdpyinfo | grep -i composite" to see if it really is off though.