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Full Version: [Linux - PVR Testing branch] Channel switching -> freeze
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I have xbmc pvr with newest vdr running quite well. usually switching channels while using the channel list works most times without problems. but switching channels with "next/prev channel" aka PageDown/pageUp usually does not work and results in a full freeze of xbmc if done too often.

if it does not freezes while trying to switch teh channel it usually freezes when exiting xbmc.

additionally pageup/down does not jump to the next channel. it jumps several channels further. its like using pageup/down in the channel list. is there any other binding for next channel?

changing channels from within the list works without problems. even if i try to switch to a channel that does not work (e.g. an encrypted one) it does not cause any problems.
but very rarely even this can lead to a freeze.

here is the logfile http://pastebin.com/m33aeb22f

i hope it is the right place to post this. if not please tell me where to post my problem report about the pvr testing branch.

p.s. using tvheadend as backend the pageup and pagedown buttons still overjump several channels. are there no keys/binding that may be used for next/prev channel, or item in list if the list is not shown? what should i bind to my remote control for this?