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Full Version: XBMC Live and sharing folders with XP
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I recently installed XMBC Live with ubuntu on my shiny new ASROCK 330HT and have run into a problem that I'm hoping someone on here can help me with ...

The other PC's in my house are all windows xp.
I'd like to be able to transfer files from my XP machines to either an external HD connected to my asrock, or to a mounted partition (/media/sdb4).

I can't see my asrock on the my network places on my XP machines at the moment.
I have samba installed, and i have successfully gone the other way (mounted one of my xp shares on my asrock).

However, I want to use the asrock with a remote only, and copy new content (movies, tv shows) to my asrock as I get it.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks Wink