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Full Version: Sending Events from XBMC
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Is it possible to send events from XBMC (Linux/Live)?

If so, how? I've searched high and low using google but "NO JOY"...

Events? To who? Some details FFS!

Contrary to popular belief, we here at Team XBMC are not mind readers.
LOL! Laugh

I was specifically wondering if there was any events that are sent from XBMC in general - preferably to any network device that would listen.

In my specific case I found out by doing some more reading and research that XBMC does in fact provide this functionality albeit "very basic" (could be enhanced) via the HTTP.api and broadcast over udp 8278/

This is very good news as I just finished putting together an eventghost plug-in of which I will send to anyone requesting it.

Here is the link for the EG plugin for those interested:


Is there anyway to modify the broadcast "<<b>>blah,message, blah<</b>>" with the addition of the XBMC host address? I figure that some people have more than one XBMC in there home (like me).

BTW... You guys rock!!!