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Full Version: Updated German and German(Austria) translation
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Submitted on Trac:


and btw:

i dont know if its easy to fix but look at this bug to:

I dont now if you are the right man but please take a look at string 13391 in strings.xml german there is written "Laufwerk öffnen/schließen" that is way to big for the menu please update this to something like "Auswerfen" or maybe "öffnen/schließen" if it fits. Sorry to bother you :p
Don't be sorry, from my experience, translations benefits from collaboration Smile

Work together towards a better translation that all germans benefits from.
I created trac ticket 8645 because the translation doesn't fit the skin. ID 13391.


I edited the strings.xml file with Notepad++ because of Win7 I'm not able to use the Translator Tool. I hope this is OK