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Full Version: I can't add pictures to the wiki
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I need access to add pictures to the wiki. It keeps giving me this inexplicit error

I don't understand why. I need to be able to post pictures in the wiki.
Can I please get some help with the wiki so I don't make it look trashy?
here's what I'm trying to do

for some reason it will not resize. I've tried jpg as well.
Thumb generation is broken.

I hacked it up and made it work. I had to create two files, one for the thumb and one for the actual picture.
FFS man chill out and give people time to respond.

We know it's broken. There's a new server in the works and we're just going to reinstall everything when we move to that. You'll just have to wait until then.
k thanks. sorry about being impatient, i had all day yesterday to do it and I felt like I was making no progress because of server errors.
Hi All...

I was trying to help a little bit with some wiki pages by uploading some images but I have a problem. I was able to upload them but there's an error when trying to create the thumb. Check error here http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Image:Videos...e_Mode.jpg

The error reads:

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to create destination directory

Anyone can fix this?

Thanks in advance
no. it's broken. just use this link http://wiki.xbmc.org/images/4/4f/Videos_-_File_Mode.jpg and upload a thumbnail.