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Full Version: Live CD hangs up on boot
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i downloaded the Live 9.11 ISO, burned on CD and tried to boot on my Asrock 330 ION.

i chosed the live version (not install), it takes about 2-3 minutes to boot and then it hangs up after:

* Starting init crypto disks... [OK]

there is still a blinking cursor and nothing happens.
I don't have any encrypted Disks, so this coudn't be the problem.

Save mode doesn't work either, habgs up at:
XBMCLive Login: *Restarting OpenSSD Secure Shell server sshd

so whats the problem?
bump Huh
I have the same problem on my ASRock. Install it to a USB stick and it will work for you...
Same problem here though it seems to only occur when idle for me.
Curious, why wouldn't you want to install it to the ASRock 330 internal drive?