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Full Version: What does Trailer button do
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Is the trailer button just for a script plugin... I made a trailer folder but I can't assign the media towards it.
Thanks for answering....
And thanks for not flaming...

I hate it when the wiki has the answer and I passed it over...
You're welcome, I dont think anything is gained on flaming Smile
Just a quick side note on me and my experience.

I've been using XBMC for.... 5 years? I remember when my friends would boot their modded xbox in to slayers..... so I switched them all over to XMBC (Changing the default.xbe was apparently too complicated for them).

I've now moved up the Acer mini-pc like so many others. I've went from amazing people to making them drop their jaws.... I really hate it when people think that I have done all this... they tell me I should market it... and yadda yadda yadda.... believe me.... I take ZERO credit for all the hard work and beauty in XBMC.

Now it seems competition is rising.... it is funny to see the simple interfaces with limited abilities... knowing that XBMC back in 2005 blew them out of the water.

A simple Xbox could easily meet most peoples needs as a picture/music storage unit that can be networked.... most people don't get technology though.

Anyways, thanks again:-) Hopefully my problems get a little more advanced.... (Hopefully not)