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Full Version: TV show scraping issue
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Iv'e looked in every forum, tried all sorts of stuff but still don't seem to get my scraper to recognize Band Of Brothers and put it in my media library...

I've put all episodes under a folder, named:

Band Of Brothers (2001)

in this folder i've tried naming my episode files like this:


None of it worked and im getting a little pissed, as CSI and other TV-shows work perfectly ..

Any help would be highly appriciated ... Smile
I don't think you need the year as part of the folder name.

If you go to http://www.thetvdb.com and try searching for 'Band of Brothers (2001)', it will come back with nothing. Take off the year, then it will find it.
Make sure you have the season number as well as the episode number, even for shows with only one season. For example, "E01 - Currahee" will not be found, however "S01E01 - Currahee" will.

This applies to all TV series with only one season.